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Note: All values are relative to the "type" of the armour in question. For example a score of "10" on a ring is not equivelent to a "10" on an main armour. Max score is 10, Min score is -1.
      Edge Blnt Fire Cold Acid Elec Mind Pois Radi Enrg      
Name Type All BT SO SF WI CO ST TH VE DE BA Break Bind Update
Average phasemetal codpieceother625555885885YESNO2010-02-26
Superior phasemetal codpieceother6455558858105NONO2010-02-26
Superior phasemetal codpieceother625555885885NONO2010-02-26
Superior voidstone glovesgloves503388338338NONO2010-01-28
Good phasemetal greavesgreaves484444664664NONO2010-01-28
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This compendium is currently maintained by Meru. If you see any bugs have an item that you want added or updated bug him. It runs by a combination of TF, Perl, PHP and MySQL.

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    Notes on Bladesinger Evalutions: Bladesinger evalutions are based upon the type of armour in question. That is to say a score of "10" on a ring is very different from a score of "10" on a main armour. This is different from Bard lore which bases it's rating on an absolute scale of overall protection (thus a 'pretty good' for a ring offers the same protection as a 'pretty good' for a main armour). Bladesinger evalutation seems very similar to Juggernaut analyze, which changes scale according to the type of armor (though juggs get a 15 tier scale and bladesingers get a scale of -1 to 10).

    Lastly, its important to note that for weapons, bladesingers only see the main damage type of the weapon.

God-Wrought 10
Supernatural 9
Legendary 8
Superior 7
Excellent 6
Good 5
Above Average 4
Average 3
Average 2
Poor 1
Substandard 0
Harmful -1