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There are currently 342 items in the database.
** Migrated to domain. 3/30/2009
** Systems booted, online, and recieving data. 12/14/2008
Most recent entries:
Name Type All Edge Blnt Fire Cold Acid Elec Mind Pois Radi Enrg Break Bind Update
Polished mithril shield (gold flecked)shield266644300030NOYES2010-02-17
Centipedal helm of thoughthelmet205500006004NONO2010-02-15
Centipedal gloves of dustgloves205500000064NONO2010-02-15
a pair of scuffed boots (glowing)boots255544400300YESNO2010-02-15
Good ebon shieldshield273344222232NONO2009-06-19
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