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(7:31 PM) William Powell: Do we cover CompUSA international TAP Plans?

(7:33 PM) Candace Ellis: yes we do

(7:34 PM) [William Powell: The customer is in Japan but wants|] his battery replacement battery sent to him. Last I heard, we don't ship internationally

(7:35 PM) William Powell: Customer doesn't have a U.S. address only a Canadian one

(7:35 PM) Candace Ellis: no we do not we will only reimburse for repairs made internationally. we do not ship batteries internationally

(7:35 PM) William Powell: So have the customer purchase a battery then we reimburse?

(7:36 PM) Candace Ellis: not for sure about that I would check with a sup like JJ first to make sure

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[3k mud|]

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(8:34 PM) Reuben Butler: demoted

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(8:38 PM) Reuben Butler: heh have had one call in the last half hour

(8:40 PM) Reuben Butler: lol and what is the serial number please"is that the model number"

(8:40 PM) Reuben Butler: these people are funny

(8:42 PM) Justin.Royer: sup call

(8:44 PM) Alan Havlick: "is that the model number" Aye lassie an me grandma has a anchor and sails the 7 sea's!!

(8:46 PM) Reuben Butler: or when u ask if they have another phone number and they say no and say no to havng a recipt but say "i just have a question"

(8:46 PM) Alan Havlick: or"just because me granpa wears sails dont make him a schooner Mam"

(8:49 PM) Reuben Butler: i knew er was fake!

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