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Bladesingers are a small cadre of human warriors who have been chosen to learn the ways of Elven magic and combat to stem the dark tide of the Mage driven Orc hoards. High elven battle mages and swordmasters have returned from their seclusion within the ancient Elfhaims to recruit help against the darkness threatening to overrun their ancestral homes. We are their students, the seeds of their army.

Bladesingers are trained in the fusion of Elven magics with the art of close combat.

Runes are the core of the Bladesinger's power. Without runes, we are mere mortal flesh and bone against the horrors of the world. Simply put, runes are symbols that hold power. Many have been handed down to us. When inscribed upon your weapon or armour, they add power to it. For example, should you inscribe the rune of Thought upon your armour, it will help to shield your thoughts from attack. If you inscribe Health upon your cloak, your body will constantly heal.

The Bladesinger guild is located in western Pinnacle.

                    ::THE BLADESINGER EXPERINCE::
          ::Glevels 1~20::
     You grab some gear (guild gear or get gear with an alt or from the box) 
and put runes on it. Normally you'll use:
health:   HP regen
revalrie: GP1 regen
power:    Makes health & revalrie stronger
battle:   Edged protection
stone:    Blunt protection
On most of your gear (helmet~other) and:

health:   HP regen
revalrie: GP1 regen
power:    Makes health & revalrie stronger
starfire: Fire dmg
thought:  Mind dmg
eternity: Durability
on your weapon.

On unknowns (phylactery of the mists, earmuffs ect) you put:
health:   HP regen
revalrie: GP1 regen
power:    Makes health & revalrie stronger
eternity: Durability

     You won't get any benefit from protection runes on unknowns. You can only wear
5 unknowns, this is a special limitation imposed on your character by being in 
Bladesingers in the same way as some guilds can't wear mains or shields ect.

     Once geared up you go out and fight stuff. Small stuff. Your healing is 
only the HP regen from health runes so you can't take much dmg, your tanking 
is all about damage reduction/AC. It doesn't matter how big the mobs are for 
gxp purpsoes, every rnd you gain the same gxp as every other rnd. It's all 
from using your guild powers in combat (your attack mode and guild dodge once 
you get it).
     If you run out of GP1 (Ne'kra) or you get wimpied by something, use the 
command "revalrie" (not to be confused with the rune of the same name) to go into a 
trance and regen a tiny bit faster.

          ::Glevels 20~30::
     Everything's the same except that once you get the guild heal (rejuvenate,
available at glevel 20) you'll drop health runes and add:
spirit:        SP regen
rejuvenation: GP2 regen
to everything.
     The guild heal costs tons of SP and GP2 to heal your HP. It'll also amount to 
about half of your gxp gain (so once you get it, your gxp rate roughly doubles 
compared to before, hence it's smart to race to rejuv asap). You set rejuvenate up 
as an automatic action via "caction" so every round in combat you'll attempt it.
     You can now fight somewhat bigger mobs, as you can afford to take a bit of 
damage (about 40ish per round on average) and in fact you want to take some damage 
on as many rounds as possible so that you can always be casting the heal and getting 
gxp for doing so. It's all about finding mobs that can hit you dependably but not 
so hard that you have to bounce.
     At this point you may start fighting stuff that deals non e/b damage types. 
You'll notice that whatever you do, those mobs hit harder than other mobs. That's 
because we have a built-in weakness to the other 8 damage types that you can never 
truly do anything about. The bigger the mob, the more its damage type matters.

          ::Glevels 30~65::
     Everything's much the same except that at glevel 30 you can get "cloak of 
shadows" which is another guild defense power to toggle on. It'll cost you some GP1 
so you may need more revalrie runes but on the bright side it raises your regen cap 
for GP2 at the same time so now you may be able to handle about 60ish average dmg 
per round. That's all you'll ever be able to handle taking so get used to it.
     At 65, stuff changes a little, but almost nobody ever gets there so there's not 
much point in talking about it. Out of all the people who join pretty much everyone 
dries up, peters out or otherwise stalls in the glevel 20 or 30 range. If you like 
the guild well enough to reach 65, you won't like it less at 65, probably a bit more.

          ::Glevels 65~2000::
     Each glevel gives you better damage resistance and damage (via frenzy).
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