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All words that appear in bold have in-game files which can be accessed by typing “info <topic>” once you’ve joined the guild.


About the guild

The Changeling guild is based around adopting the forms of various animals to fight in. Forms come in various temperaments: Some are tough and can shrug off blows, others are agile and dodge them, others are aggressive and can focus on inflicting damage. There's an entire biome tucked away in the Changeling pool for you to search out and discover the forms that suit your playstyle.

Changelings rely on their intrinsic abilities, skills, and their animal forms over armor and weapons.


The Changeling pool is located in Pinnacle near the entrance to Chaos. (cot,n,w,n,n,e,n,w,enter)

Quick start guide

  • com: chat on the guild line
  • info: access the guild help files
  • skills: shows you the skills you can raise. As you raise your skills, your complexity (guild level) increases
  • intrinsics: lists the powers that a Changeling will always have (regardless of current form) and the required skills to use them.
  • lore: gives you information about an enemy
  • absorb: takes the materials from a corpse to replenish stamina and protoplasm.
  • bioextract: (you'll learn this after raising a few skills) creates a bioplast from a corpse which stores some stamina and protoplasm to use later. Bioplasts can be shared among Changelings and there is a place in the guild (down from entrance) where you can borrow bioplasts or donate your excess.
  • morph <form>: Shift to another known form. morph alone will consume protoplasm to heal your current form.
  • powers: list various other powers that Changelings have

You'll start with two forms: your original human form as well as your new native slime form. Both of these forms are always available to you and do not cost form points to advance. Your human form is handy if you need to wear armor or wield weapons for a quest. While being able to wear armor is a perk of your human form and you're not penalized for it, wielding a weapon in combat will mean you will not make any progress towards your form familiarity or Changeling skills.

To really experience life as a Changeling, you'll want to seek out the Changeling biome inside the pool. You'll find it along the top of the pool. Once in the biome you can examine the various animals to see their attributes. When you find one that appeals to you, you can study it to learn how to take its form. While the creatures in the biome are somewhat tame, be a bit careful because they can kill you if you're very low-level. Check the shop for bioplasts or ask on the guild line to get some. Then it's time to go out into the world and kill things. The newbie info file has some areas you can start out in.


  • There's no "best" form. Working on your slime form has some benefits, so consider this in addition to your animal forms. While you're in the biome, you'll need an a form capable of flight (like a bird or flying insect) to fully explore it.
  • At first, since you're unfamiliar with your form, you will use fairly large amounts of stamina when you fight. As your form familiarly goes up, your stamina use will go down.
  • morph by itself will use protoplasm to heal your current form. Using perform to morph every round is a good idea.
  • bioluminesce will use a small bit of stamina to generate light.
  • The info files are pretty expansive and it's definitely worth taking the time to read them.
  • If you're in an avian form, you won't be able to "get" anything. You'll need to use swoop.
  • Changeling's prime stat constitution, so keep this high. The priority of the other stats is spelled out in rcost.

Status string

At the end of the Changeling HP bar is a set of letter which indicate the active powers a Changeling is using. First of all, there is a single character (B, N, or D) which indicates the current state of the chaotic flex's affect on us (Beneficial, Neutral, or Detrimental). This affects our overall combat ability. The second set of character indicates the active guild powers. All can be infoed. They are:

  • P: perform
  • H: hyperproliferate
  • D: dissipate
  • G: augment
  • B: bioluminence
  • V: perseverance


Changelings can use the bioextract ability to create bioplasts to use to regenerate Stamina and Protoplasm. They come in a variety of qualities ranging from:

  • Dark
  • Murky
  • Turbid
  • Opaque
  • Cloudy
  • Milky
  • Translucent
  • Transparent
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