Death Taco Dungeon Scaling

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Thanks to Fluffy who gave me the drop info and to those who helped compile it.

Scaler 96: (Sufficient for highest level drops)
A Disgusting Cockroach (17,945)
Rabid Chihuahua (505,150)
Crispy Taco Shell (1,190,350)
Shredded Lettuce (864,415)
Soggy Diced Tomatoes (1,453,705)
Grated Cheese (1,968,875)
Menacing Mystery Meat (1,884,450)
Smelly Sour Cream (3,955,570)
Gigantic Guacamole (3,857,090)
Packet of Hot Sauce (5,216,600)
Deadly Veggie Taco (2,507,760)
Deadly Cheesy Taco (3,401,040)
Deadly Meat Taco (4,782,225)
37,690,200 : Deadly DEATH TACO (tm)

veggie taco: A Veggie Taco (plain). = +3 wis, 75% overmax hp only, three uses
veggie Taco:A Veggie Taco (crisp) = +4 wis, 100% overmax hp only, three uses
veggie taco:A side of rice (steaming) = 50% overmax hp+sp, three uses
veggie taco:A side of rice (moist) = 37.3% hp/sp overmax, three uses
veggie taco:cup of pop = full sp heal X4 ... refillable but not sure
where/rules, seen mostly 1, but up to 4 times
veggie taco:A Cervesa(strong)  = first time +4 con, each is 100% overmax sp, 3
cheesy taco:tin foil (shiny) = boost radiation and mental ac
cheesy taco:nacho cheese (huge) = boosts ice and acid ac
cheesy taco:meat paste (brick) = boost edge and energy ac
cheesy taco:sour cream (huge) = boosts fire and electric ac 
Cheesy taco:Refried beans (brick) = boost blunt and poison ac 
Meat Taco:Side of beans (spicy) = room damage, not sure type, duration or amount
Meat Taco:Sliced jalapenos (hot) = hp regen +10 a round
Meat Taco:Cinnamon twists (sugary) = once/round can use for more damage, maybe 6 or 7 uses
Meat Taco:Wet wipe (gigantic) = room peace, one use.
Works Taco: Cup of salsa (giant) = +4 dex, +4 int, +2 wis, +2 cha (Lvl 114) - random stat boost ?
Works Taco: Lime wedge (juicy). Add Acid damage to weapon
Works Taco: Packet of hot sauce (fire). Adds fire damage to weapo
Works Taco: Leaf of Lettuce. Adds WC and converted all wc to blunt 
Death Taco: Guacamole skin treatment (medium). Level 54 - damage reduction - large amount or long duration.
Death Taco: 1 Quesadilla Codpiece (medium).
Death Taco: A shot of tequila(Harsh) = breath fire in combat, room damage, use right before and not near cancer etc. 
Death Taco:(lvl 92) Spork Lance (wicked) (enchanted)
This is an impressively large spork.  Its prongs look wicked-sharp. 
There are grooves along the handle that seem like they would be awfully
convenient if one wanted to hold it like a lance.  This particular spork
lance seems rigid and WICKED sharp.

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