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This page should be used for the posting and discussion of ATTEMPTS at growing a successful plant. Your efforts should be posted here until the recipe is confirmed enough to be moved to the official Recipes page. These should be sorted by level, and from there, post or discuss as much or little information you have on your efforts: What works, what doesn't, and what can grow your plant to near completion before that unknown factor kills it off on you.

Level 13:

Sugarpea Plant: Only known consumed resource is the brown color of the soil..Good luck.

Level 15:

Honeydew Melon: 4x Happy/Hippie/Smurfy/Genlab/R'lyeh; 3 successful ticks

Successfully starts by using Happy Ed's, Hippie, Smurfy, Genlab, and R'lyeh water to -max- out all visual properties. Mushrooms are a known food, and it begins to die once they're depleted. (Dyne)

Yukon Gold Potato:

Starting conditions: 3x some genlab air, 3x some wayhaven water, 5x lots smurfy. one growth then nothing else has been done

Level 21:

Aiming for dark brown soil, some gold, many white, yellow-green, damp visual indications. Balancing fertilizers and Wayhaven water succeeded several times. (Dyne)

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