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For as long as there has been history there have been the downtrodden.

Those who have been victims of injustice or tragic happenstance.

Those who cry out for help, justice or mercy.

For those people there are the Knights. Whether mounted or on foot. Wielding sword, lance, axe or mace.

The knight tries to stand for the greater good and to help those around them.

Knights are one of the oldest guilds on 3K. They are also one of the few with an enforced code of behavior.

The basic mechanics of the guild are pretty simple, wear armour, hit mobs. You have Health points,

Spell points, Stamina, Strain and later Second Wind.


The knight skills fall into 2 basic groups, core and secondary.

Core skills:

These improve only through use, and are offence, defence, mounted combat, and combat on foot. These effect how

well your secondary skills work in these stances and styles and how well you fight in these categories. So if

you fight offensively on a mount, your horsemanship and offence skill will go up.

Secondary Skills.

There are a range of secondary skills that are raised from the same pool, offensive, neutral and defensive, some

are unable to be turned on at the same time, others are only usable in certain stances. But you don't have to

fight with a particular secondary skill turned on in order to raise it, you get skill points per round of combat

that all go into a collective pool, and raising any secondary skill draws upon that pool.

Basic Mechanics

The use of skills both offensive and defensive costs stamina, some SP, and increases the strain upon your body.

Stamina is regained out of combat by resting, and this also lowers your strain. Second wind, an ability gained

after a number of guild levels, is a cool down ability and can be used to lower your strain and regain your

stamina in combat.

Prime stats for the knights are always Con, with enough int, to maintain a healthy SP total. As some important

skills are effected by your current spell point total (Not max, current). You will always, at least, need enough

strength to carry a fair amount of gear and a few weapons. After that what stats are important for you will

depend upon the path you take in the guild.


The knights are divided into 5 sub guilds at present.

Crown - All-rounders, no specialisations, no weaknesses.

Lance - Mounted offensive knights.

Errant - Mounted defensive knights.

Sword - Non-mounted offensive knights.

Shield - Non-mounted defensive knights.


Be aware, knights are one of THE most equipment reliant guilds on the mud. They also arguably gain the most OUT of that equipment. With skills

specifically used to multiply the armour value of gear and make use of it.

Because of this many knights acquire a good knowledge of how to acquire various armours and weapons quite rapidly, and will do their best to help

out other knights in this regard.


As stated above the guild adheres to a code of honour, and people have been removed from the guild (as a last measure) for breaking it. But if you

need help, a knight, if able, will usually do their best to provide it for you.

If you are inclined to be a d*ckhead you will not do well in knights.

The knight code is as follows

       Gratitude     Generosity
   Loyalty     Courage       Bravery
         Honesty     Integrity
          Patience Courtesy
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Death before dishonour
    Honour to all above your station
    Respect for all peers as equals
    Strength in Unity
  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Knights do not have the option at this stage to self-recruit. But there is usually at least one knight online. If there is not please give a holler

on the shout line, or newbie line, and odds are someone will be able to swap over to help.

(Depending somewhat on the time of day)

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