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Installing the Plugins

Download the zip file from the 3K Sourceforge Project page and unpack it somewhere, probably in c:/program files/MUSHclient/worlds/plugins.

There are currently three plugins in the zip file download on the "Files" page.

Farming.xml - This is where the recipes are, where most people will do any editing
Farming_Results.xml - This turns all the farming status messages into nice readable numbers
Farming_Triggers.xml - This is most of the static message stuff, very required.

To install the plugins, open mushclient and log into 3Kingdoms. Under "Files"->"Plugins" click on "Add".

Find the directory you unzipped the plugins and select the first one and click "Ok". Repeat for the other two files.

The plugins will work better if you do "prompt off". Otherwise sometimes the results plugin gets borked.

You are now ready to Farm some Farms!!

Basic Usage

Command Summary


F2 Look at plant and Load recipe, or Detailed look if plant is growing
F3 Start Farming
F4 Toggle Automated Farming (On by default)
F5 Stop Farming Ticker and Release claim


buysupplies 1 macro to buy all the basic farming supplies from a store or shed
gofarm1 Speedwalk from Chavee to the first farm.
homefarm1 Speedwalk from the water fountain to Chavee
gofarm2 etc There are currently six known farms on 3k.

Detailed Usage

First go to one of the many farming shops (there is one in each farm in the shed in the southeast corner) and type buysupplies 1

Then go to one of the farms you can level in and press F2 to look at a plant. If the plant is likely to work, you should see something like this.

A sunny farm. (s,w,e)       
A sproutling lentil plant.

Soil mounds up around the stem of the lentil plant.  A sproutling lentil
hangs from a stem, and bobs gently in the breeze.  Surrounding the
lentil are dozens of tiny orange flowers.  This plant is unclaimed.
Type: lentil
Plant round: 0
Recipe loaded for Plant: lentil
Minimum Skill: 22
Trivial Skill: 27
It looks light.

If the plugin is *not* likely to work you will see something like this.

A sunny farm. (s,w,e)
A sproutling peanut plant.

This sproutling peanut plant has a green stem, flowering edges, and a
sproutling peanut growing on it!  This plant is unclaimed.
Type: peanut
Plant round: 0
No Recipe for Plant: peanut
Minimum Skill: 21
Trivial Skill: 26
It looks light.

Once you find a plant where your farming skill is at least the minimum skill level and less than the trivial skill level and the recipe for the plant is loaded press F3 and read a book for a minute. The plugin will spam away and with some luck you will end up with a fine piece of produce in your crafting satchel after a few rounds.

If the plant is going along fine and then suddenly starts to die, chances are you have quietly under/over done some of your commands. You can try pressing F4 to stop adding anything for a while (resets on death) or press F3 again to do an extra round of the automated actions for that plant.

If you this is happening more often than not, there may be problems with the recipe. In this case you can let one of the authors know or you can muck around with the recipe yourself.

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