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You inspect the profession : acrobat.

Acrobat's Bodysuit (worn)

This simple red bodysuit stretches tightly over your limbs and flexes with your every move. It's designed to impose no restrictions whatsoever in your movements yet still provide for modesty. And it's a good thing! With all the dodging and weaving that you do, you need something that is light and flexible.

The acrobat has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the mskill.

You inspect the profession : assassin.

Assassin's Mark

This white sigil indicates that you are one of the Assassins, a legendary and despicable order and trained in the quick and vicious destruction of life. You have an intimate knowledge of how to squeeze very last drop of damage possible out of a single blow.

The assassin has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.proficiency.critical mskill.

You inspect the profession : fast healer.

Tube of Healing Ointment

This small white tube has been squished a bit at one end, but still has plenty of ointment left inside. You'd never tell anyone, but the truth is that your ability to heal quickly actually comes from knowing just where to apply this ointment!

A fast healer has a chance in combat to temporarily gain additional health regeneration when not fully healed.

You inspect the profession : hoarder.

Hoarder's Satchel

This small canvas satchel is less a carrying device as it is a symbol of your unique ability to squeeze things into the tiniest places so that you can carry more stuff.

The hoarder gains extra carrying capacity.

You inspect the profession : lucky caster.

A Set of Glowing Dice

These two six sided dice are small and red, with little white dots on the surface. An unearthly glow emanates from them, and as you watch, the little white dots reshape themselves to change the numerical representation on each die face.

The lucky caster has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the cast mskill.

You inspect the profession : mystic.

Mystic's Orb

This rather unique orb pulsates with energy and gives off a faint glow. It is small and round and can fit snuggly in the palm of your hand. Channeling the orb's power takes great mental skill, only which you as a mystic can harness.

A mystic has a chance to temporarily gain additional spirit regeneration.

You inspect the profession : tactician.

Tactician's Manual

This dog-eared black jacketed book is filled with many different strategies and tactics for use in combat -- and you've read it all! Now it's just a matter of putting these strategies into action.

A tactician has a chance in combat to temporarily gain a bonus to the combat.armor.penetration mskill

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