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Puppy Mill in a dungeon in Chaos. From the center of Chaos, the directions are: 2w,n,follow tracks

Puppy Mill does not reset during boot (but mobs will respawn) so, whichever level you first enter at, you will be stuck at for boot.

The primary use of the Puppy Mill is to obtain puppies for rep for your very own dog.


Once you enter the dungeon, you can climb gate to enter the driveway. There is a porch to the east with Daisy-mae the harlot but no way, as of now, to enter the house. Puppies can be found by traveling around the west side of the house to the back yard. There are two rooms with puppies: one contains three pipe morons (which will aggro) and then a room to the rest with Rocko (the "boss") and three more pipe morons (again, all aggro). Each room will contain a random number of puppies of random breeds which can be picked up after defeating the mobs.


Scaler level Mob class
30 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 26k-28k
Rocko: 25k
35 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 34k-36k
Rocko: 38k
45 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 52k-57k
Rocko: 65k
74 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 190k-210k
Rocko: 460k
78 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 220k-241k
Rocko: 493k
81 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 270k-285k
Rocko: 580k
85 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 335k-355k
Rocko: 718k
130 Pipe morons and Daisy-mae: 1.22M-1.30M
Rocko: 3.5M
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