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Voluntary Access Fee, or VAF, is the way that 3 Kingdoms keeps running. The game is free, but those lovely people who run the mud ask that you consider making a contribution to the costs of running the mud.

As a reward for your generosity, there are a large number of bonuses you can gain through spending VAF points.

For more information, type help vaf.

                               Topic: Vaf                              

We humbly request Voluntary Access Fees (VAFs) from any of our players willing to pay them, with each $1 getting you 1 VAF credit. You are not required to pay a VAF to play 3Kingdoms (hence the 'voluntary' part), but without them to take care of operating costs, 3K can't exist to be played, so you can do the math. We rely on the generosity of the player community, players like you, to keep 3Kingdoms running for the good of everyone. It's kind of like PBS, but with monsters. As a bonus for VAFs given, you are afforded a number of choice rewards that are listed at the bottom. Once you are credited with your VAFs, you can then spend the credits in the Vault of Ancient Fables, which you can reach by 'kneel'ing at the Center of Town. There, the Guardian Atriel will assist you in your selections. If you have multiple characters, any VAFs given will be applied to the group, meaning that any of your characters will then be able to draw from your shared VAF pool. Basically, your VAFs are tied to the person controlling the characters, rather than a specific character. Once you spend a VAF on an enhancement, however, that enhancement is tied to that character alone (with some noted exceptions). VAFs are not transferrable between players (humans), and if all characters are wiped for whatever reason, all VAFs attributed to that character/set of characters are wiped also.

To pay online, use the below link. Your credits will appear within 24 hours, but usually much sooner than that. For any issues, "mail VAFS" for support.

Goto and then click the Gold 3K VAF icon

Be sure to include '3K' and your character's name in the notes. (e.g. '3K Barnaby'). Only VAF in whole dollars, as rogue cents will be truncated. You can check your VAF status at any time by using the 'vaf' command. You can also learn more details about the individual enhancements below by typing 'vaf <enhancement>'

Limited/Reselectable Enhancements

 dogjoy   Makes your dog happy for the rest of reboot/login    3 VAFs
 scar     Remove one scar                                     10 VAFs
 neutral  Reset your current alignment to true neutral        15 VAFs
 ident    Three usages of remote identify                     15 VAFs
 bestpk   Reset your Best PK Kill                             20 VAFs
 rlevel   Reduce your level by 5 without other penalties      13 VAFs On sale!
 bind     Bind items across characters until reboot           20 VAFs
 bestk    Reset your Best Kill                                20 VAFs
 pkboot   Set yourself with playerkiller status until reboot  20 VAFs
 untrain  Fully untrain one mud skill                         13 VAFs On sale!
 noscar   Receive no scars upon death until reboot            20 VAFs
 sellall  Remote sellall to the main shop until reboot        20 VAFs
 marvel   Dispenses one Marvel token                          25 VAFs
 weapon   Three usages to make a weapon unbreakable           25 VAFs
 uncurse  Three usages of remote uncurse                      25 VAFs
 unquest  Undo one quest from your quest list                 30 VAFs
 portal   Three usages to teleport to Center of Town          30 VAFs
 archf    Reset your Arch Foe                                 35 VAFs
 archpk   Reset your PK Arch Foe                              35 VAFs
 sever    Three usages to quit during combat                  40 VAFs
 newbie   Single-use Newbieland pass                          40 VAFs
 unbind   Three usages to unbind something from yourself      40 VAFs
 cswap    Transfer crafting skills between your characters    50 VAFs
 xrlevel  Reduce your level down to any level above level 1   60 VAFs
 kreset   Free mud skills reset (no coins cost)               46 VAFs On sale!
 sever2   Three usages to quit during combat w/equipment!     80 VAFs
 allscar  Remove all your scars                              100 VAFs
 house    Receive 4 million house credits for a character    100 VAFs
 unpk     Remove true playerkiller status                    100 VAFs
 sreset   Full stat reset (with no experience loss)           83 VAFs On sale!
 xchar    Grant yourself an additional legal character       150 VAFs
 item     Autoloading unique item, description only          150 VAFs
 gswap    Multi-guild one of your characters                 200 VAFs
 marble   Personalized quest marble                          200 VAFs
 nchange  Change your character's name                       200 VAFs
 restore  Restore a previous character in partial or full    400 VAFs
 numbers  View real-time combat damage numbers               Variable
 linkd    Unlimited linkdead time to reboot                  Variable
 ldlogin  Login another character while others are linkdead  Variable

Permanent Enhancements

 lt       +1 name to linktell (max of 5 enhancements)         10 VAFs
 ktrig1   Automatic, server-side kill trigger                 10 VAFs
 tellb    Ability to tellb (tellblock) all                    10 VAFs
 ktrig2   Full ktrig ability (10 total commands and more)     15 VAFs
 afk      Triple-length afk message                           20 VAFs
 alias    +25 max aliases (max of 4 enhancements)             20 VAFs
 friends  +10 friend slots (max of 10 enhancements)           20 VAFs
 massxp1  Allows you to toggle hiding your XP on massxp       25 VAFs
 rating   Open up full capability of the 'rating' command     25 VAFs
 massxp2  Allows you to toggle hiding your self on massxp     25 VAFs
 scaler   Allows dungeon level scaling from 66% to +8         25 VAFs
 desc     Ability to color-ansi your personal description     30 VAFs
 muffs1   Earmuffs level 1 (740)                              30 VAFs
 idle     Add 1 hour to idle limit (max of 6 enhancements)    33 VAFs
 tellhis  Quadruple-sized tell history (64 tells)             40 VAFs
 pretit2  Colorized ansi pretitle (must have 'pretit' first)  40 VAFs
 muffs2   Earmuffs level 2 (940, must have level 1 first)     40 VAFs
 pretit   Increase pretitle length to 20 characters           40 VAFs
 mbox     +100 capacity to your mailbox (max of 5)            40 VAFs
 align2   Colorized ansi alignment (must have 'align' first)  50 VAFs
 wname    Colorized ansi name on who list and finger info     50 VAFs
 align    Custom alignment description (up to 20 chars)       54 VAFs
 title    Custom title description (up to 80 chars)           60 VAFs
 title2   Colorized ansi title (must have 'title' first)      60 VAFs
 plan     Ability to attach a colored plan to your finger     75 VAFs
 yadda    Double shout length                                 75 VAFs
 pose     Customized pose message                            100 VAFs
 satch    2x capacity crafting satchel                       100 VAFs
 showwc   View actual WC values on weapons                    67 VAFs On sale!
 mailer   Full access to the Premium Mail System             100 VAFs
 showac   View actual AC values on items and yourself         67 VAFs On sale!
 stimer   Remove your personal shout delay timer             125 VAFs
 checker  Remote board reader/writer                         200 VAFs
 dogjoin  Merge dogs across all your characters into one     200 VAFs
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