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  Earth Elemental Lord              <ran away crying>
  Earth Elemental Lord              <ran away crying>
  Terra, Knight of Earth   
  Terra, Knight of Earth   
{ Scaler 125 }
Root Warrior              ~12M
Earthen Spirit            ~15M
Earth Elemental Lord      ~45M
Terra, Knight of Earth    ~94M (Hits like a truck.  Huge specials.)
  { Scaler  140 }
  { Scaler  140 }

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A new and fun scaling dungeon in chaos. Directions are 3 west, 1 north, enter. Nothing hits around - so party AND dog safe .. if you can tank. All mobs block 'forward' progress. Nothing is aggro nor do they hunt, and they are peaceable.

{ Scaler  50 }
Root Warrior                 92k - 96k
Earthen Spirit               145k - 148k
Tree Guardian                190k - 196k
Guardian Branch              200k
Minor Earth Elemental        269k - 285k
Earth Elemental              1.1m
Earth Elemental Lord         2.2m
Terra, Knight of Earth       ?
{ Scaler  65 }
Root Warrior                 103k - 111k
Earthen Spirit               172k - 187k
Tree Guardian                250k - 271k
Guardian Branch              252k - 285k
Minor Earth Elemental        373k - 411k
Earth Elemental              1.5m - 1.6m
Earth Elemental Lord         3.5m
Terra, Knight of Earth       16m
{ Scaler  70 }
Root Warrior               103k - 115k
Earthen Spirit               172k - 187k
Tree Guardian               214k - 282k
Guardian Branch               251k
Minor Earth Elemental              
Earth Elemental               1.5M
Earth Elemental Lord              <ran away crying>
Terra, Knight of Earth   
{ Scaler 125 }
Root Warrior               ~12M
Earthen Spirit             ~15M
Earth Elemental Lord       ~45M
Terra, Knight of Earth     ~94M (Hits like a truck.  Huge specials.)
{ Scaler  140 }
Root Warrior               83M - 84M
Earthen Spirit             87M - 90M
Tree Guardian              93M - 98M
Guardian Branch            95M - 104M  
Minor Earth Elemental     101M - 108M
Earth Elemental           209M - 
Earth Elemental Lord         295M
Terra, Knight of Earth    Good Lord ;}

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