Tree of Life 2.0

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Tree of Life 2.0 in a dungeon in Chaos. From the center of Chaos, the directions are: 4w, embrace void

The dungeon will reset two hours after you leave.

Tree of Life 2.0 is an updated areas and is currently a straightforward dungeon with good gear drops. Each angel drops a piece of armor for the Spirit {radiant} set although they do not drop every time. The armor pieces are unbreakable and provide edged, blunt, mind, and energy AC as well as SMD. Some pieces have specials. The final angel (Metatron) drops an unbreakable sword. At the end of the area is the Scroll of the Universe which can be "recite"d for a +15 wis and +10 int indefinite boost.

The area is not safe for dogs.


Most angels are approximately 7M class. The final angel (Metatron) is 16M class.

  • Sandalphon
  • Gabriel - drops Greaves of the Spirit {radiant}
  • Michael - drops Amulet of the Spirit {radiant}
  • Haniel
  • Raphael - drops Cloak of the Spirit {radiant} - Provides overmax HP gen to ~200% max HP.
  • Khamael
  • Tzadkiel - drops Helmet of the Spirit {radiant}
  • Tzaphkiel
  • Ratziel - drops Sword for of the Spirit {radiant}
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